iDeals Board Portal Advantages

Paperwork is a real scourge of our time, especially for governing bodies in large companies. iDeals is developed by British experts. This is software for working with text materials, holding meetings, as well as collaborating on documentation.

Main advantages of iDeals

The iDeals application has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs and managers, as it has several significant advantages:

  1. You can use the application on any device – it doesn’t matter if you own a computer or tablet. The developers also declare the possibility of integrating the software into mail agents.
  2. 24/7 support. Like many other management platforms, iDeals offer their customers the opportunity to receive information support at any time of the day. You can call by phone, communicate by email or chat in the program itself. A rich FAQ section will provide answers to any questions you may have.
  3. A huge number of tools simplify the work of managers. These include instant messengers, video conferencing rooms, document editors (which can be shared), calendars, task boards, and so on.
  4. Attractive value. One of the strengths of iDeals is its more loyal rates than other similar developments. Even if you have a small business, iDeals will not become burdensome software. And also electronic document management allows reducing the number of expenses for paper and printing equipment, its maintenance.
  5. Easy to operate. Managers are trying to save time with the help of such software, so the ability to quickly master it is critical. iDeals has an intuitive design that everyone can handle.
  6. Reliable protection of any data. iDeals developers have integrated two-step authentication and data encryption into the program, as well as the ability to give users roles, depending on which they can have one or another level of access.
  7. The possibility of using an electronic signature. You can not only store documents in the application (on the company’s cloud storage) or work with them but also use your electronic signature to certify documentation.
  8. Possibility of voting with the help of special templates and forms is implemented. You can also create a voting template individually. This entire process is fair and transparent.

With the help of iDeals, the board of the company can deal with important issues and develop, implement a working strategy, rather than paperwork.

Advantages of electronic document management

Working with electronic documents has several advantages. The document exchange time is reduced – an electronic document is transmitted almost instantly, errors associated with the human factor are reduced.

  • Due to the automatic generation of documents, errors of manual entry in primary documents and tax returns are eliminated.
  • The advantages of electronic document management with clients include the acceleration of the exchange of documents with their counterparties (75% reduction in time).
  • Unlike paper documents, electronic documents are not lost because they are stored electronically and copies are kept regularly.
  • Electronic document management allows you to save time for employees up to 65%. They can spend this time on effective work, and not on the routine work associated with printing documents, processing them, and entering them into journals.
  • The use of electronic documents reduces the cost of printing, delivery, and storage of documents by 80%. You no longer need to maintain paper archives and rent premises for them.

The advantages of electronic document management in comparison with paper ones are more efficient work of all departments and the enterprise as a whole.